Abused By My Girlfriend Documentary

Abused By My Girlfriend tells the story of Alex Skeel from Bedford who survived an abusive relationship with his girlfriend Jordan Worth.

IMDb rating – 7.7/10

DirectorNiamh Kennedy
CastAlex Skeel, Jordan Worth
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Alex shares his history with the hope to challenge assumptions about violence and masculinity in relationships, and to empower victims of domestic violence to come forward. Combining observational filming with personal and police archive, Abused By My Girlfriend documentary provides a raw and uninhibited window into a teenage romance that descended into terrible violence. 

Alongside Alex’s shocking and thought-provoking testimony, his family and friends also share their stories of seeing him slowly slip away, powerless to stop it, and unaware of how bad it would get. Bedfordshire Police described Alex’s case as one of the most extreme cases of domestic violence they had ever dealt with.

In hospital, doctors examined Alex’s body and told him that he was just ten days away from death. Alex was mentally and physically abused by his girlfriend Jordan over a three year period. This is his story.

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In April 2018, Jordan was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. She became the first female in the UK to be convicted of coercive and controlling behavior. Now Alex is trying to fight the stigma around male domestic abuse⁣.

This documentary encourages other males to speak out about domestic abuse and violence. We all need to know that no one should be ok with domestic abuse and violence. Abusers are evil and need to be outed.

Abused By My Girlfriend Documentary Trailer

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